Neon Lights

Mediums: Graphite, ink, digital processing
Comments from the artist responsible for this travesty: All of the works in this series were primarily drawn by hand; many of their color schemes have been digitally altered, meaning they were enriched by the sorcery of laptops, essentially. There were various reasons for these alterations. In many cases, the original work was simply too simplistic to be a standalone piece, or the mood seemed off. And, in even more cases, the original work was just… terrible. Some of these designs were based on sketches I did when I was much, much younger and really didn’t have a very high level of technical skill. (Sorry, past me! As long as the tenseless theory of time is incorrect there probably isn’t a way for you to read this, though.) I also wanted to achieve a sort of surreal overtone to this series, since a pencil sketch of a tree gremlin is just the kind of gritty realism I’m trying to avoid. Furthermore, inverting the color schemes of some of these works made the series overall more unified and reduced the visual dichotomy between works otherwise disparate in subject matter (and also because shiny).
These designs are also available on Redbubble and Zazzle.